No Country For Old Tycoons

"No country for old tycoons" (name may change) is a procedurally generated Massive Multiplayer Online world based on exploration, construction, economy, trading, transportation, war, and cryptocurrency. Our inspiration are the common isometric classics as SimCity, Transport Tycoon, Age of Empires, or The Settlers, with the touch of MineCraft. There are climates, cultures, cities, natural resources, economic trees, companies, armies, trains, airplanes, roads, and much more (as narcos, pirates, or university professors). Contrarily to many other construction games, the total amount of money in the system is finite, thus players will need to optimize their trading strategy to have access to the available resources. The code is open source and inspired on the development of openTTD.

Snapshot of  openTTD , with its cities, boats, trains, buses, industries...

Snapshot of openTTD, with its cities, boats, trains, buses, industries...

The landscape of the game board is indeed procedurally generated. Too vast to be explored by a single player but enough for millions of them playing at the same time. The code allows that every city, company or army can evolve independently of any human. This is done by following the equations developed by us and other scientists and specialists on sociophysics and econophysics.

The game is based in a very complex socioeconomic tree that can hardly be fulfilled by a single player. This means than in order to expand and scale, the player needs to focus in one particular branch of the tree, create a sustainable plan, and trade with other players or with the AI for the other resources.

The player can create or take the control of cities, industries, or/and armies. The game doesn't need to be politically correct, so many different ways to make money are possible (becoming a tycoon, a political leader, an smuggler, a narco boss, or an spy, players are free to do the right or the wrong thing). However, there is an important constraint: the total amount of wealth of this vast world is finite, introducing an extra level of competitiveness between players. We will use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to this aim.

This is the space where I publish the proof-of-concept of the different elements necessary to complete the simulation. I hope you enjoy it!

  • The Pillars of the Earth. Here is exposed the three main layers of the simulation: demographics, economy, transportation, trading and war.
  • Procedural City Growth and Sprawl. Cities evolve and grow, and we have to define the rules governing this evolution as realistic as possible, but keeping it as simple as possible.
  • City Governance. Several ways to become the mayor of a city are possible. Here it is explained the road to the control of a municipality, and the rules for governing it (mostly inspired in SimCity).
  • Trainspotting. Transportation networks are the veins of this organism. Here I explain the available vehicles and transportation system, borrowed from openTTD.
  • Trading. Here is the procedure for trading in the simulation and for players.
  • The King of my Castle. Armies are often use for settling economic power and control of a territory of its natural resources. Here are explained the rules of war (strategy and tactics).
  • Music. This is essential for the uniqueness of the experience. Meet the pals who will take care of the ambient.